Proposed palliative distribution: Smearing our mouth with the oil of their sleaze

High Chief Peter Ameh, National Secretary opposition coalition (CUPP).

Proposed palliative distribution: Smearing our mouth with the oil of their sleaze

The circus of stealth, sleaze and stealing is continuing unabated. It is however refreshing that the masses seem to have seen through this charade.

We were fleeced and exploited by the Buhari Government through phantom Tradermoni, money that was actually shared among their cronies and also phony cash payments to themselves using the vulnerable as cover. And they thought that Nigerians can still be deluded and conned by their old methods.

Now they want to share hush money among the arms of government to buy the conscience of the powerful. They even plan to settle their predecessors who handed them the baton and whip with which they are flogging us. From May 29th till date there is just this air of Hopelessness and depression in the country arising from public Policy abracadabra.

They intend to give N70b as allowance to the 469 National Assembly Members amounting to about N150 Million to each. N35b to the Federal Judiciary of about 200 Justices equaling about N180 Million Naira to each, N65b to Buhari, Osinbajo and their aides as severance packages.

But they felt let us taint the masses too. So they seek about N650b loan and proposed to give N8,000 monthly to each 12 million most vulnerable households for Six months. Even if we accept this abracadabra statistics of 12 Million most vulnerable households, with the average Nigerian households having about 5 – 6 persons we will have N8,000 going to about 6 persons monthly and will be less than N50 daily to each person for six months.

What does anybody do with N50? Buy chewing gum maybe, and what disrespect this is? Which father in today’s Nigeria will give his child N50 for food or what!

What is wrong with fixing transportation infrastructure to ease the burden of the masses? Why does it appear not to be working? We all knew the fraud that happened with Sure- P buses. Old worn out buses were brought in as new and the same thing happened with the railway locomotive engines brought in by Buhari, old abandoned engines were bought, painted and put on the rails.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Nobody wants N50 a day as it will only amount to a smearing of our mouths with the oil of their sins as justification for their evil.

Instead of the measly cash grants, the N500b could be utilize for a robust National transportation infrastructure involving brand new high capacity buses. These buses distributed nationwide would aid commuters, this sum would purchase up to 10,000 brand new high quality 50-seater buses. Each state including the FCT would get up to 250 buses each.

Those buses would perform optimally for upwards of ten years, this will reduce transport fares and create jobs in the process.

What palliative can be better than that? But we know that only true statesmen can think in this progressive manner. We can only pray that God will bless our country with true leaders who would put the people first and genuinely be interested in Cutting cost of governance, which is the best way to reduce the cost of government spending and reduce public debt also help increase the level of money available to give the poor an opportunity to live a fairly good life through the provision of basic services such as Good network of roads across the country and free access to good healthcare to the poorest people in our society.

Imagine that he promised Nigerians he was removing Subsidy to fund Education So it is not only surprising but shocking to see him doing the contrary, defunding Education and it will be bad if we all refuse to hold them accountable for their collective actions.

How can any reasonable Federal government increases Unity schools’ fees by 122% From ₦45,000 To ₦100,000 not mindful of the consequences of their policies and their failure to provide adequate palliative support to the people that will help to reduce deep financial distress faced by ordinary citizens due to unplanned subsidy removal?


High Chief Peter Ameh

National Secretary opposition coalition (CUPP).

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