High Chief Peter Ameh, National Secretary opposition coalition (CUPP).
High Chief Peter Ameh, National Secretary opposition coalition (CUPP).
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all we want is justice that is rooted in truth, justice that is based on what really transpired on the day of election when INEC changed the goal post in the middle of the match, Mahmood Yakubu Promised Nigerians realtime transmission of election results from polling units using the BVAS to capture and transmit the results to the IREV portal in order to eliminate fraud and uphold the integrity of our electoral process and INEC failed woefully to ensure that the election results were accurate and consistent with their promises.

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The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) claimed the commission’s failure was as a result of the glitched is suffered during the cause of the election but as a public institution that should be accountable to the people, it never gave full disclosure of the nature, cause or the extend of the glitches that occurred.

The electoral act gave INEC powers to determine the methods of transmission of the election results and INEC officially recognized the dual transmission and accreditation system where in addition to the paper trail they were required to use the BVAS and IREV as stipulated in their own written manual for the conduct of 2023 General Elections.

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The failure of INEC to adhere to his own established principles of engagement in itself was a major setback for the country’s drive towards democracy and electoral integrity.

High Chief Peter AMEH

– 2019 Presidential candidate

– Former National Chairman inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) – National Secretary – CUPP

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