Kogi Guber:  Achuba, Ubolo, Dangana: A Tale of Kogi East Political Businessmen

Kogi Guber:  Achuba, Ubolo, Dangana: A Tale of Kogi East Political Businessmen

Kogi Guber:  Achuba, Ubolo, Dangana: A Tale of Kogi East Political Businessmen

In the realm of politics, interests often take precedence, and when it involves seasoned elders, one would expect a game played with dignity and conscience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as exemplified by certain Kogi East elders who seem more interested in exploiting political candidates for their personal gain.

As the Kogi State November 11th governorship election approaches, the public has witnessed the withdrawal of support by former deputy governor, Elder Simon Achuba, Itodo Ubolo, and Dangana Ocheja from the Accord party candidate, Vice Admiral (Rtrd) Usman Jibrin, popularly known as Akpabana. However, the motives behind their withdrawal deserve a closer look, as it’s essential to shed light on the activities of these political brokers to prevent other candidates from falling victim to their machinations.

What might come as a surprise to many is that Jibrin had been the sole financier of these elders throughout their association. He generously funded their activities, providing them with millions for each of their meetings and gatherings. The elders, it seems, abruptly withdrew their support under the pretext of funding unavailability. The truth is, they had been milking the Accord candidate relentlessly, without a shred of remorse or a hint of dignity befitting their status as elders. These individuals, who have become notorious for their political maneuvers, should serve as a cautionary tale for the people of Igala, who should be wary of their influence and consider shunning them entirely.

Elder Achuba’s betrayal of the Igala land was evident when he willingly accepted the position of Deputy Governor under Governor Yahaya Bello, a move that went against the collective decision of the Igala community. In the end, he found himself isolated and abandoned by those he had seemingly forsaken his people for.

While the Social Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress may see Achuba, Ubolo, and Dangana as valuable additions to their ranks, it’s essential to recognize them for what they truly are: opportunistic businessmen with an insatiable appetite for money. During their affiliation with Jibrin, their political impact was virtually nonexistent, as these elders had long lost their political relevance.

Nonetheless, as the French philosopher Victor Hugo wisely noted, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” The time for Jibrin to lead Kogi State has come, and no amount of political maneuvering by these self-serving individuals can alter that course.

Written by Samuel Onuh
Political Analyst
Anyigba Kogi State

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