Admiral Jibrin Usman (Rtd), An Administrator Of the 21st Century

Admiral Jibrin Usman (Rtd), An Administrator Of the 21st Century

Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin (RTD) is a man of many accomplishments. There really comes a time in a man’s life when his achievements are written in the stars, his own time is now!

Usman Jibrin is a man of prospects whose leadership qualities in our country’s defence sector are acclaimed globally. He is the man whose leadership qualities have translated into the Nigerian Navy being accorded the accolade as one of the best naval forces in Africa and the world in general.

Usman Jibrin’s leadership acumen and achievements are pointers that in a world where the status quo has seemingly immovable inertia, change could happen, and in a world that oftentimes seems to be spinning out of control, he has the courage to embrace the audacity of hope. He is an ardent believer in the change mantra and the possibilities that it presents for our state of Kogi and its people.

The message of possibility and personal empowerment from the stories of his achievements in life moved so many people and caused an unstoppable groundswell of support for his call and eventual entrance into the political space of Kogi State. His political beliefs tally with the wishes and aspirations of the Kogi masses, and today he is regarded as the best among the gladiators ready to contest for the seat of governor of Kogi State in the November 11, 2023 gubernatorial election in the state. This simple message of change that the people can see has propelled them to laud him over and over again.

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Today, it is a fact that the problem with our state is that of leadership. Consequently, our people are clamouring for a leader who deals in hope, and the hope they see is retired Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin.

Our people, having swallowed the bitter pills in the past to make our state great without results, this time around want to show that they have matured democratically. Kogites now know a good leader when they see one. Obviously, a golden fish has no hiding place! We have seen that the leadership qualities of Akpabana are translucent, he is the kind of leader we want for our dear state.

Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin (RTD)
Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin (RTD)

The greatest leadership quality of Usman Jibrin is his inspiring charisma. To complement his inspiring charisma is his ability to inform and transform. He has been known to often give people the tools and information they need to focus and develop.

Some of the leadership traits inherent in Usman Jibrin that make him the candidate to beat in the coming election are: conviction and perseverance; we-not-I attitude; taking risks; the art of communication; turning endings into new beginnings.

Throughout his time as chief of the naval staff of the country, he has shown positive traits. For example, he remade the image and operations of the Nigerian Navy—an attribute that he is positively coming into politics with. Jibrin has the attribute of remaking the image of his party and, in the process, attracting average voters and the middle class to the party.

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Usman Jibrin’s style is classified as dedicated to making progress, optimism, and confidence. He has always declared that Kogi can only make progress when people have a chance of living their dream, and he is committed to just that.

He is proving that he will make Kogi State the best and greatest it has the potential to be. He has a lot of personal organisation, personal charm, and self-criticism, qualities that are absent in many leaders today.

I assure you Kogites that Usman Jibrin will positively affect Kogi state in ways that no leader has ever done.

To him, leadership means bringing people together in pursuit of a common goal, developing a plan to achieve it, and staying with it until the goal is achieved. He has a vision and plan for the goals he wants to achieve for Kogi State and has developed a realistic blueprint for how he wants to get there. He wants to attract talented, committed Kogites with a wide variety of knowledge, perspectives, and skills to get the work done. He believes that in the new Kogi state he seeks to build, lasting positive results are achievable if leaders practice inclusion and cooperation rather than unilateral authoritarianism.

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He shall belong to all Kogites, irrespective of class, gender, tribe, or religion.

If our state needs a leader with the attributes of steadfastness in pursuit of goals, flexibility in determining how best to achieve them, the courage to make a hard decision and the confidence to stay with it and explain it, and the common sense to listen to others and involve them, then it is Usman Jibrin. A leader who will admit when a mistake is made and when a given policy is not working, a leader who will trust others, will trust his instincts as well as his intellect.

A leader, if the objective is to get things done on a matter that is important as well as controversial,  will be able to compromise and know the line he can’t cross. That leader is Usman Jibrin.

This 21st century admistrator learned when he was very young to respect the human dignity of everyone he met, to observe them closely, and to listen to them carefully. He is aware that everyone has a story, but not everyone can tell it.

Most of our problems are self-inflicted, and leaders must solve them; Usman Jibrin shall solve the problem of Kogi state. He is the best candidate for the job. Vote for Accord Party, vote for Akpabana.

Comrade Sunday Christopher

Media Aide To Usman Jibrin

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