Worst people assuming political leadership in Nigeria since independence – Opposition chieftain, Anakwenze

An ex- Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant from the southeast, Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze

An ex- Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant from the southeast, Chief Nwachukwu Anakwenze, has insisted that citizens opportune to assume the leadership of Nigeria have failed to address fundamental problems impeding the nation’s efforts to attain economic greatness in last sixty-three years.

The party stalwart who spoke on Monday, while baring his mind on Nigeria’s journey as it recently marked 63 years anniversary of her independence from British colonial rule under Lord Lugard.

Nwachukwu noted that Nigeria gained independence alongside with the Republic of China and India as both countries had attained greatness becoming major world powers today, regretting Nigeria has remained backward in its quest genuine economic and infrastructural development.

According to him in words: “We just had not been able to bring out the best people to lead Nigeria.

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“The worst people have been the ones leading Nigeria. And that is why they’re going backward.

“Remember, we’re at the same level as China and India when they got Independence. China and India have done well, Nigeria has failed. We have worst people in leading the country

“There’s no investment on youths and young people . God has blessed us with everything we can give to anybody.
We have oil, gas, gold and diamond. We have beans, rice, cocoa,cassava, everything you need.

“Nigeria can be a major world power if it has the right leaders. The worst people are the leaders of this country since independence to now. And that is why they come back two thousand miles

“If you’ve the right people in leadership, Nigeria would become a major world power and we will have full employment. Everybody will work in, and also, other countries would be coming and get jobs in Nigeria”,the foremost igbo leader maintained.

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Asked further to evaluate the policy thrusts of the current All Progressives Congress-controlled federal government in Nigeria in the last 100 days since inauguration on 29th May this year, Nwachukwu criticized President Bola Tinubu on demonstration of lack of capacity to chart a way forward for the nation’s current woes which includes insecurity, economic inflation, infrastructural decadence, and increasing unemployment rates.

Words: “The administration just started and i have not seen any results in past hundred days in office of the present government in Nigeria.

“And when you have government led by crooks, and the driver is a crook and the conductors are also crooks, where do you think we are going to? We’re not going anywhere.

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“Tinubu is not qualified to be President. The conductor of the bus he is driving are thieves. So they’re going to drive Nigeria to no man’s land and rob them blind”.

Meanwhile, President Bola Tinubu has reiterated why it is necessary Nigerians should endure the economic hardships brought by the removal of fuel subsidy.

According to the President, he wished today’s difficulties did not exist, adding that Nigerians must endure ”if we are to reach the good side of our future”.

Tinubu made the statement on Sunday in his nationwide broadcast marking the nation’s 63rd Independence Anniversary.

The President acknowledged the hardships that have come with his administration’s removal of subsidy policy.






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