Stop asking me about my past relationship with my ex-girlfriend, Nadia Buari– Jim Iyke

Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke and Ghanian Actress, NadiabBuari

Stop asking me about my past relationship with my ex-girlfriend, Nadia Buari– Jim Iyke

A renowned nollywood actor, Jim Iyke said he wouldn’t want to revisit his past with his ex-girl-friend Nadia Buari.

Nadia Buari, a Ghanian Actress reportedly dated Jim Iyke for decade before both movie stars went their separate ways

Jim Iyke explained why he denied his ex-girlfriend and colleague, Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari in a recent interview, where he was questioned about the romantic relationship with his purported ex-girlfriend, Nadia Buari

He quizzed the host with the “Who is that?” response.

According to the actor, in an interview with Starr Drive FM in his defence, claimed that glorifying such conversations about his previous relationship with Nadia Buari is disrespectful to both his current partner and Nadia’s husband.

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He further added that his response was also done out of respect, not to offend a married woman and her four children.

His words: “The understanding of that segment is that when asked a difficult question and you refuse to answer, you sip tea. Even if alcohol was there at that point, I would take it. If I answer this question anyway, it will be a lose-lose.

If I were to glorify these conversations and say certain things about them, it would be to the detriment of the person I am with and also of the person she is with.

“Which husband wants to hear about an ex talking sexually explicitly with the person he is with, and people don’t understand that (my response) this was an act of respect?

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“Who is that?” response, “I didn’t want to offend a married woman with four children, so it was better to leave the past in the past. I must respect both my current partner and Nadia’s husband.”

Iyke also stated that he never intended to disrespect both parties, knowing fully well that it happened over a decade ago, and he’s not the person to arm the court of public opinion with the gossip it needs to talk about people.


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