Edo 2024: Onaiwu’s Ambition of Chaos in Edo State PDP (Part 1)

Mr. Osaro Onaiwu

Edo 2024: Onaiwu’s Ambition of Chaos in Edo State PDP (Part 1)

Admittedly, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State has had its infighting for a while now and there are signals that the issues would be resolved as stakeholders are talking face-to-face with the aid of members of the National Working Committee and others, including serving governors.

For the sake of this hope, the party must avoid some strange minstrels of chaos like Mr. Osaro Onaiwu. As a matter of fact, his coming to the Party recently the bells of preparation for the primaries were heard was not for the good of the party or a honest ambition to participate, but for the singular reason to cause chaos in the Party, which must be resisted and rebuked. Such a character must be avoided by well-meaning members of the Party.

Recently, Osaro orchestration a bemusing news where the very respected Bar. Anthony Ehilebo was said to have been declared wanted by the police for physically assaulting Mr. Osaro at the National Secretariat of PDP.

Bar Tony Ehilebo, for the uninitiated, is a lawyer with integrity and knows the legal limits beyond which he cannot exceed. He is incapable of publicly attacking anyone because of his noble training. Bar Ehilebo is an asset to the Party rather than a liability like Mr. Osaro, as against what the sponsored publication depicted. It is understood that Ehilebo works with one of the aspirants in PDP as the widespread clamour in the state gears towards having the next governor as one with competence, track record and capacity. It is unfortunate that Mr Osaro stooped so low with his archaic, mundane, parochial brand of internal opposition.

This must be discouraged in its entirety. The common opposition to PDP are not members of the Party, but those from other parties in the state. Osaro is therefore urged to leave members of the party who are not at war with him to face his ambition, if any, squarely.

Mr Osaro Onaiwu should know or be told that the era of using dishonest aspirations and noise to covet funds from governors by parading oneself as a former PDP Governors Forum Director General is over. He needs to get serious; It is on record that he has never been known to have purchased any PDP nomination form, and he will not purchase this very one. He should therefore allow serious contenders face the business of serious campaigns before the primaries he will certainly not be part of.

It is therefore instructive for Osaro to askew all these bitter kinds of politics where the instrumentality of malice, scandal and unfounded allegations are weaponized. The Party is ready for serious business to retain power in the state, Osaro can only constitute a distraction, something the Party should not allow. He should be called to order with immediate effect.

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