Yayi: What Lagos West Gains, Ogun West Gains More., — By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

senator representing Ogun West, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola aka 'Yayi'

Yayi: What Lagos West Gains, Ogun West Gains More., — By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

Beyond mere coincidence but providence, the position of the senator representing Ogun West, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola aka ‘Yayi’ given his previous experience of representing Lagos east in the previous dispensation of the 8th, 9th Senate between 2015-2019, 2019-2023.

During his stint at the 8th, 9th Assembly, Senator Solomon Olamilekan provided not only an enabling environment that guaranteed the execution of Constituency projects in his senatorial zone, but ensured more gainful employment and engagements was provided to the constituents.

Yayi influenced both socioeconomic and entrepreneurial breakthrough for average lagosians from Lagos West which had endeared him into the minds of not only his constituents, but Nigerians.

His strong confidence in capacity building, poverty reduction, training and development had transformed all areas of human endeavors and reactivated natural resources in his constituency.

This was not only limited to health intervention and Educational support and development as well as social services/ extra curricular activities and development, that had placed the area on the map of both national and international spheres.

His movement to Ogun West to represent the good people of the area was an extension of good things that had happened, which positively transformed the lives of the people of Lagos West Senatorial district for consecutive eight years.

Before his movement, Senator Ademola Olamilekan Adeola influenced notable projects like rural roads, town hall and mini stadium to the area to promote social cohesion, movement and inter cultural development.

Yayi who was elected during the APC candidate during the primary build up to the March 2023 general elections, became a talk of the town having secured a landslide victory at the party polls.

Less than one year in office, he had provided series of succour to the people of Ogun West in all areas of endeavors, just like he did in Lagos.

His replication of people oriented activities that centred on empowerment, capacity building and development, poverty reduction, training and retraining had become a threat to some naysayers across Ogun state and beyond his senatorial district for obvious reasons.

Yayi who believed strongly in given back the society remained undaunted, as his mission in the new Ogun West is to ensure a wholistic program that will detach the people of the area from the current hardship, promote plans that will mitigate any future occurrences in the area.

The recent mega empowerment convened by the senator representing Ogun West had become an eye opener and benchmark for all the political class across Nigeria, but as usual a prophet not recognised in his domain was been criticized in some sections of the media and community.

The program executed in Ilaro mini stadium also constructed by the ranking senator was to provide more economic, social and other outlets geared towards human upliftment in all areas.

His routine program that had nothing to do with Ogun state politics became of serious concern for the political class who had nothing to fall back in terms of achievements , human capital development and charitable activities and donations.

As a fall out of my personal experience in the new mini stadium constructed and facilitated by the Senator in 2022 during the annual cultural festival in Ilaro , Ogun West of Ogun state were he was nicknamed ‘ATM ‘ of our time, fall out of his magnanimity and the primary election held in the area.

Highly accessible and accessible, Senator Adeola had written his name in gold and remained a candidate to be beaten in any subsequent elections both at the senatorial and Ogun state level.

It is already innate that his passion to continue to impact on the larger society and the downtrodden had become a major political threat to the political development of Ogun state and by extension Nigeria at large.

All hands must be on deck to support the new political narratives initiated by Senator Ademola Olamilekan Adeola(Yayi), representing Ogun West in the red chamber and Chairman, Senate Committee on Appropriations, as that will relieve the ongoing hardships been witnessed by ordinary Nigerians when sustained by all and sundry and the political class.

Yusuf Writes from Abuja on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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