In Nigeria, Huge Money yet endless poverty — Ameh Peter

High Chief Peter Ameh, National Secretary opposition coalition (CUPP).

In Nigeria, Huge Money yet endless poverty — Ameh Peter

….As FAAC Disbursed The Sum Of N2.07 Trillion To The Three Tiers Of Government In February 2024 From The Total Revenue Generated In January 2024.

Nigeria cannot get it right if the Federating unit remains largely unproductive. We cannot sustain this feeding bottle federalism because it has made the states weak and vulnerable.


Citizens at every level must remain vigilant against the misuse of resources meant for the growth and development of the States.

It is lack of proper management of resources at all levels that has contributed to the decline in growth and placed about 133 million Nigerians in multi-dimensional poverty, this number is about 65% of our Nation’s population.


Abia: 8.3BN
Adamawa: 8.4BN
Akwa Ibom: 26.6BN
Anambra: 10.1BN
Bauchi: 8.3BN
Bayelsa: 22.8BN
Benue: 9.7BN
Borno: 10.5BN
Cross River: 6.6BN
Delta: 38.1BN
Ebonyi: 7.3BN
Edo: 10.2BN
Ekiti: 6.9BN
Enugu: 8.5BN
Gombe: 7.1BN
Imo: 9.5BN
Jigawa: 9.8BN
Kaduna: 7.3BN
Kano: 13.6BN
Katsina: 9.8BN
Kebbi: 8.8BN
Kogi: 7.4BN
Kwara: 7.3BN
Lagos: 23.6BN
Nasarawa: 7.7BN
Niger: 8.5BN
Ogun: 7.1BN
Ondo: 10.3BN
Osun: 7.8BN
Oyo: 10.5BN
Plateau: 7.8BN
Rivers: 28.4BN
Sokoto: 8.4BN
Taraba: 8.1BN
Yobe: 7.9BN
Zamfara: 7.9BN

Our country will be a better place if Governors prioritize the welfare of citizens by applying the resources available to critical infrastructural projects and programs that will benefit the people.

Proper utilization of resources is important for maintaining productivity and prosperity for the people.

Projects can be managed with better visibility, reducing the risk of wasteful spending and increasing efficiency and accountability in the running of Government departments and agencies and this will help to reduce corruption in the system. Maximum utilization of resources will ensure a better return on investment (ROI) for our State Government.

The State Governors penchant for wasteful expenditure is the most obvious reason why our poverty level has risen to the highest level in the history of our country.

Ameh Peter.
Former National Chairman IPAC, National Secretary CUPP

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