“Those behind vandalization of Old Lokoja Waterworks will not go unpunished” – Commissioner For Water Resources

Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Engr. Yahaya MD Farouk

“Those behind vandalization of Old Lokoja Waterworks will not go unpunished” – Commissioner For Water Resources

The Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Engr. Yahaya MD Farouk, MNSE, MNICE has assured that those behind the vandalization of the Old Lokoja Waterworks will not go unpunished.

The Commissioner gave the assurances while briefing the press shortly after inspecting the vandalized Old Lokoja Water Works that was to serve as a relief to the residents of the metropolis while efforts is ongoing to fix the Greater Lokoja Water Works damaged by several year’s of flooding that affected the State.

According to the Commissioner, “it is sad indeed. I just woke up this morning only to be called by the Acting General Manager that the highlift pump, which is a major asset within the waterwork has been vandalized. The highlift pump lift treated water to the reservoir directly or supply water to the people”.

” In the last few days, we have been battling with power fluctuation with the AEDC asking us to be patient and promising to fix the issues related to the Transformer. This challenge made us not to be able to pump water in the last two days “.

” Whoever must have done this looking at where we are coming from has made it a sad situation because it is a criminal affront on the effort of the Government to relieve the suffering of our people in Lokoja”.

” You are aware that the Greater Lokoja Water Works has a problem we are working round the clock to fix. The Old Lokoja Water Works is a temporary effort to alleviate the suffering of our people. Unfortunately, the highlift pump cables have been vandalized”.

” We are assuring the perpetrators of this dastardly act along with staffers of the Waterworks that they resolve and commitment of Gov. Usman Ahmed Ododo to provide water to the people of the State cannot be deterred. We are promising the criminal elements and their accomplice that will think of doing such in future that they are trying the wrong eyes. They have tried our will and they will pay dearly for it”.

” We are using this medium to pass this message across the State and to communicate to the criminal elements that they are anti people and that if they think they are frustrating Government by vandalizing government utilities, and that they are only confronting the people with very wicked act”.

“Our people have suffered enough. Can you become sad because Government is now meeting up with it responsibility of wanting to alleviate the suffering of the people. Despite the little we are doing, as a government we are still not satisfied with what we are doing, until everybody gets water in his or her house. No stone would be left unturned in unravelling the mystery behind this vandalization, because no external person will enter a facility as this and no where to vandalize to demobilize the water supply to the people”.


The Commissioner assured that the problem will be resolved, pointing out that the State Government will not be intimidated, called for the support and prayers of the people to enable the present administration succeed.

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