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Anambra Gov, Soludo Charges Women On Productive Parenting



Chukwuma Soludo, the Executive Governor of Anambra State has expressed the role of mothers in creating a better nation by infusing genuine moral values in their children at their babyhood.

Soludo stated this was crucial to engendering a community of educated citizens. He said this in his special letter to mark 2022 Mothering Sunday-celebration which took place at Anglican Church on Sunday.

Anambra governor advised mothers to engage forces with his government to end the new sit-at-home on Monday being contemplated in the state and the whole South-east region as a mark of solidarity with the IPOB-Indigenous People of Biafra Leader, Nnamdi Kanu due to its enormous unfavorable impact on the South-east economy.

He acknowledged that moral has become so pervasive in the nation, and urged that to reverse the circumstance mothers must come up to the occurrence by inculcating the culture of acceptable moral upbringing and personal training in the children.

The governor asserted this is essential so that the children would develop to live a decent and rewarding life and in the cycle built a comfortable society.

He acknowledged that the significance of Mothering Sunday was for solemn thinking particularly in respects to parenting.

Soludo mourned a situation where the children are now being deeply affected by negative preferences and a wrong perception of get-rich-quick belief which has damaged a lot of the adolescences.