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APC knocks Delta Stata Gov, PDP over $40 Million Loan



Delta State All Progressive Congress (APC) has accused the planned 40 million dollars loan by the government of the state apparently for the rehabilitation of a cottage industry, Songhai Delta off Amuokpe-Sapele Delta State.

Delta government last week obtained 40 million dollars to be injected for the improvement of agricultural recreations at Songhai Delta in Amukpe under the PPP-Public Private Partnership structure.

E.V. Onojeghuo, The Delta State Publicity secretary of the All Progressive Congress in a released statement bemoaned that at the current rate of unhinged borrowing by the Governor-led PDP administration, the debt profile of the State should have more than folded within the last year of his government.

According to the Secretary, Governor Okowa’s assertion on borrowing this huge amount of cash for a fully abnormal project is just the deadest nonsense in a long list of highly aggravating dreadfulness he has been committing against the good people of the state.

While explaining that Delta people should take it that they are no longer wrestling against blood and flesh but, in fact, agaiprt powers and principalities, he knocked inexperienced bankers willing to extend the highly questionable, completely suspicious loan knowing the government is winding up.