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Kano Governor Declares Death Penalty For Herders Engaging in Kidnapping



The Executive Governor of Kano State declared the death penalty on Saturday for Herders who still engage in Kidnapping.

The Governor said that in the case of banditry the punishment is life imprisonment while death is for those who engage in the kidnapping. He made this known during a formal launch of the s Mass Cattle and Small Ruminants Vaccination in Kano state

Kano state is determined to vaccinate about 1million cattle against diseases in 2022, the Governor said. He further revealed that the process would be implemented and carried out in all the 44 local governments of Kano state.

Over 703,000 battles and 664 sheep goats were successfully vaccinated last year, according to news reports.

Nigeria depends greatly on Kano state for the production of cattle, sheep, and goats in large quantities. Various dairy products such as milk have their raw materials coming from these sets of animals, so these animals must remain healthy and safe.

Over the years headers have engaged in kidnapping and banditry, this is one of the initiatives of the Governor to put an end to it in Kano state.

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