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Lagos State Begins Publishing Names, Pictures Of Sex Offenders



SEX OFFENDERS-The Government of Lagos State through it concern Agency on Thursday (March 10, 2022) said it has launched the public publication of details of sex culprits in the state.

Mrs Titilola Vivour Adeniyi, The [DSVA]-Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency Executive Secretary declared openly this during a press meeting at the headquarters of the Agency.

According to the Secretary, Mrs Adeniyi, the details which includes the name and picture of the sex offender, as well as the status of the offence and the period of the penalty handed down by the court of law.

Mrs Vivour Adeniyi, the Executive Secretary remarked that the publication of offenders was in line with the law of the DSVA-Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency Law, particularly section (42) which states that the Agency is to occasionally publicize details of Sex criminals in the state.

She also said messages of advisory have been distributed to local governments area (LGA) and traditional leaders of the communities where the sex offenders recently lived.

The details of sex offenders to be published on the Agency website (

Lagos begins publishing names, pictures of sex offenders

Mrs Vivour Adeniyi repeated that the position of Lagos State government is resolute in avoiding occurrences of domestic and sexual abuse, while securing justice for all survivors.

The Executive Secretary added that to report any case of sexual and domestic violence, Lagos residents are to call the (toll-free) number, 08000333333.