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Mali Prevents Search Team from Entering Moura Town



The United Nations has expressed deep concern over Mali’s decision not to allow a team of investigators to visit a town where hundreds of civilians have been killed by Russian troops and Russian troops.

At least 300 people are thought to have been killed in a Malian military operation from March 27 to 31 in Moura, a town of about 10,000 people where Islamist militants are taking refuge.

In a statement, UN spokesman Seif Magango said sources close to the assessment had put the death toll in the Malian operation at 500, most of them civilians.

According to a report by Human Rights Watch, survivors say the alleged white mercenaries were part of a group that carried out the massacre. say the international community, which is why the United Nations has opened an investigation it is trying to conduct.

Mali has denied the allegations, saying that in its experience of carrying out attacks on terrorists in the town of Moura, it would conduct a thorough investigation into allegations of extrajudicial killings.