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Ondo Poll: APC Candidate, Alade Chased Out of Polling Unit As He Buys Votes



Individuals in Gbogi Isinkan II, Ward 3, Unit 14 of Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State chased the APC candidate, Alade after he was accused of buying votes in the polling unit during the election on Saturday.

This nearly destroy the peaceful election at the polling unit, as the opposition party, PDP, insisted that Alade committed the crime of vote-buying right in the polling unit but with the intervention of security personnel, peace was restored to the polling unit as Alade leaves the unit.

Some voters protested against him as he was seen sharing money with a group of voters in exchange for votes.

Alade was not allowed to vote as the protesters increased their volume
The incident was confirmed by some members of the APC who said he was only appreciating them for their support and nothing more.

They declared that the protest was the handwork of the PDP members who were out to destroy the whole process.

However, The candidate denies the act as he claims he is innocent and did not commit the crime. He told newsmen that he had voted already before the incident occurred.