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Three Persons confirm Dead at BUA Sokoto Factory Explosion



At least three persons have been confirmed dead after an outbreak at Factory of BUA Cement, Sokoto state.

According to the witnesses, the outbreak occurred on Friday morning (March 17) killing employees on the factory.

The cause of the outbreak is mysterious at the time of filling this report, but a source at the factory stated, the casualties were fixing a tank that contains a large amount of diesel when it happened

Observers of the incident also mumbled the flame was stifled by joint efforts of State and Federal fire services working with the inside fire service division in the factory.

Struggles to get further details from administrators of the organization were not conceded to as calls put across were not picked and text messages were not answered.

Bello Baban Addini, the spokesman of the Sokoto State Fire Service confirmed the report of the outbreak at the factory.

He, however, explained the agency could not tell the actual cause of the outbreak at the time of gathering this report.