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US Court dismisses rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo



A lady has lost her submission in a U.S court to compel football legend Cristiano Ronaldo to pay millions of US dollars after claiming the football celebrity raped her in 2009 at Las Vegas.

On Friday, the magistrate kicked the trial out of court to punished the lady’s attorney for bad faith behavior and used of fake and stolen documents reporting the lady conversations between Ronaldo and his legal practitioner.

The International player team blamed the reports on electronic data trickled of documents slashed from the law firm. Christiansen also claimed the information was altered or fabricated.

Ronaldo lawyer does not doubt Ronaldo mayorga in june 2009 and they had sex but retained it was consensual not rape.

The woman went to the authority but the probe was dropped because she didn’t identified her assaulter by name.

But the case was revisited after Mayorga lawsuit was arranged to tribunal.

Justice Albregts, the U.S justice dismissed the case for bad faith, inappropriate conduct on the stolen and leaked documents.