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Why Nollywood needs Government intervention to do Better —Saidi Balogun



Nigerian famous actor and filmmaker, Saidi Balogun is of the viewpoint that the Nigerian movie industry needs both state and federal government’s intervention to do sufficiently.

Balogun said this during exclusive interview with (Sunday Scoop), he stated that our people are doing so nicely. However, stuff would get sufficiently if the government could contribute adequate system for films industry so that people who donate in the industry would be worthy to make an income. When people disburse so much money to create films and they don’t earn their money back, they would lose involvement in the industry.

If the government administration provides an adequate policy for Nollywood, we would be able to earn money from what we create and trade to citizens of the country. We have to showcase our culture to the public and we hope the backing of the government to fulfill that. Nigerians are performing great things all over the globe, and most of them are now coming back home to render their quotas to the industry. A few years before the end of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan’s regime, the government sincerely said that the entertainment had provided so much to Nigeria economy, even better than many other industries.

He also remarked that his priority now on training young talents in the film industry. He stated that he uses his platform to motivate the youth by enabling them to showcase their skills to the public. He also said, ‘I’m delighted to have got the assistance of Sunday Dare, the Minister for Youths and Sports and Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, the Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture.